Local Antenna Service in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Several solutions and services for new or existing digital antenna installations.

Antenna Installation

Find the most cost effective and best place to put your antenna for superior performance and aesthetics.

Antenna Pointing

A full antenna signal optimization service can help clear up pixelating channels and may help find new ones.

Antenna Boosters

Reduce pixelation and improve your antennas performance with a pre-amplifier or distribution amplifier.

Digital Antenna Installation


Plus parts

Includes standard trip charge and labor for basic antenna installation.

Detail Oriented Installation

Every part of the digital antenna installation process has been refined to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Each wire we run is sufficiently secured and hidden, the digital antenna is typically placed on the back side of the house, and all visible interior wire runs that are required are as thoughtful as possible.

Signal Optimization

Utilizing our specialized antenna meter, we point the digital antenna to peak specific channels. Cutting out any extra connections possible, including running another wire if necessary, reduces signal loss.

Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

Discuss all of your options and choose the option that’s the most cost effective and beneficial for your specific circumstances.

Unrivaled Expertise

Learn from local digital antenna experts who have experience with Iowa’s weather, construction, and standards.

Free In-Home Assessment

Contact us and request an assessment to receive a complete rundown of what our service entails and how much it will cost.

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• Over The Air (OTA) Digital Antenna
• CB Antenna
• Helium Antenna
• Cell Booster Antenna
• Wifi Booster Antenna


• Pole Mount
• Eave Mount
• Tripod
• Mast
• Attic Installation


• Preamp
• Booster
• Distribution Amp
• Splitters
• Surge Suppressor

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