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Antenna Service in Marion, IA

Down Right Technology is your best choice for getting free TV with an Antenna in Marion, Iowa.

Key Features:

  • One antenna for the whole home.
  • Add channels not available on pay services to your channel lineup.
  • Have two sources for local channels in case one fails.
  • No monthly charges.
  • Around 40 channels in the Cedar Rapids area.

Best reviews, highest ratings, and a service first attitude.

Trina Douglas

After four years our antenna still working as well as the day it was installed. Still appreciate the extra time spent to hide cables. Thanks Paul!


Pen Naam

My antenna installation was quick, professional and pleasant. Everything works great and the price was reasonable.


Gregory Schmidt

Prompt, highly knowledgeable installation of Starlink. Impressive duo: I’d hire them again in an instant!



What We Do

Down Right Technology has the best reviews, highest ratings, and a service first attitude. Save more than money and become our next life-long customer. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to one person about all the different antennas? Explore Down Right Technology and see the answer to that question is, “Yes!”

What We Are

Down Right Technology is geared toward the trade of antenna installation and home theater related services while still providing customers with all the same store bought products and services our competitors offer. An analogy we like to use to describe us is: When you need a water heater you could talk to the sales person at the store who likely has limited knowledge or you can talk to a plumber who has the experience installing and servicing the product in the home. We’re locally owned and operated in Marion, and can complete service almost anywhere in the corridor, including Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Who We Are

A Local Father and Son Business

Paul Lovisa

Owner and Lead Technician
Paul began working for one of Dish Networks' service providers, Blue Sky Satellite, quickly working his way from technician, to team leader, to warehouse manager. He started Down Right Technology in 2008 in order to start sub-contracting work from local retailers to better use his skills and make more money. Paul always enjoyed the technology industry, desired to do his job well, and loved helping his customers. Customers loved his work and started to refer him. Soon he realized he could better serve his customers on his own and decided to focus on them directly.

As the entertainment industry evolved, so did Paul and his business. He has adapted and become an all around home technology expert. Totally willing to hook you up or help you cut the cord. His expertise can aid you with any home entertainment, networking, or low voltage electronic cabling project that he has tools for and his van can get him to.

Your BEST CHOICE for Antenna Service in Marion, IA
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