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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install an antenna at my residence?

While every situation is different, and we encourage you to book a free estimate for an exact quote, the average cost to install an antenna, a Starlink dish, or any other reception device starts around $250 in labor.

How do we make sure to get a good technician when ordering Dish Network, DirectV, Starlink, an antenna, etc...

Call us directly before you order anything. If we provide the service we will sign you up, and be your life-long technician. You can always pay us directly for our services.

Where should we put our antenna or satellite dish? What about landlord or HOA restrictions?

There are a variety of options to mount equipment on your home, or on a pole mount nearby. Typically, both antennas and satellite dishes have the fewest issues when installed on the roof. Often times, home owner’s associations and landlords will restrict tenants mounting options. We always pay attention to, and care about, the integrity of the structures we work on and the overall aesthetics of the project. If you feel your HOA or landlord is being restrictive on your ability to receive broadcasting, we recommend looking into the OTARD Rule or talking to us.

What is the cheapest way to get TV?

Depending on your housing situation, an internal or external antenna will get you the local channels. Feel free to get in touch and we can recommend possible solutions. An indoor antenna might cost $30 one time, then from there you can use a smart TV or some other streaming device like the Google Cast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku and watch free online content using your internet.

How do I fix the "No signal" message on my TV screen?

 Quick Fixes РFeel free to try these yourself, or just call us!

  • Make sure every thing is turned on.
  • Check your TV’s input.
  • Read the message on the screen and determine if its an issue with the TV, or the device its hooked up to. You can try another TV or HDMI port.
  • Consider any work being done at your home. Is it possible that a cord was cut? Or did a roofer move your dish?
  • Still lost? Please, give us a call, and let us help.
Who's better, Dish Network, or DirecTV?

What’s better, a Mustang or a Camero? Some things are personal preference, and everyone has different needs. We can help you understand both to help you make the right decision. DirecTV has exclusive access to the NFL Sunday Ticket, but Dish Network is considered to have better equipment and software.

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