Dish Network - Hopper Madness & Primetime Anytime

The Hopper is a whole-home DVR that gives you the power to pause, rewind, and record live TV in any room. It can turn your computer, smartphone, or tablet into a TV allowing you to enjoy your programming anywhere!

Key Features:
• PrimeTime Anytime - Records Primetime programming automatically.
• Auto-Hop - Skips commercials on yesterdays Primetime shows automatically.
• Sling - Allows the use of Dish Anywhere
• Built-in WiFi - Used for Dish Anywhere and other features requiring the internet.
• Off-air tuner available - Watch, record, sling 9.2 from the Hopper!

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DirecTV - Home of the NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV's Genie is their most advanced whole-home DVR ever. Every NFL fan should have a one. Watch 8 games at once, check scores, stats, fantasy players... The list goes on.

Key Features:
ScoreGuide - Interactive on-screen score guide.
Double Play - Watch, pause, rewind, two events simultaneously.
Genie Recommends - Recommends shows based on what you watch.
Built in WiFi


Digitenna - Performance Off-Air Digital Antennas

Digitenna has an advanced, innovative, and unique design and is specifically tuned to provide the ultimate in UHF and VHF Hi Band TV reception. They are small enough to be kept from sight on the back side of your roof or in an attic. In addition these antennas perform better than larger comparable models.

Key Features:
One antenna for the whole home.
Add channels not available on pay services to your channel lineup.
Save money by hooking up some or all of your TV's.
Have two sources for local channels in case one fails.

computer services

Computer Services - Installation and Maintenance

Our expert computer services include:
Router installation and setup
Printer installation and setup
Computer setup and maintenance
Computer upgrades and installation
Software installation
Website design and hosting


ImOn - Cable Internet

Do you have a need for speed? ImOn high-speed Internet gives you the Freedom to connect at the speed you want. Proclaim independence from sluggish Internet connections and experience ImOn's blazing fast download speeds.

Download speeds from 5Mbps to 65Mbps.
Upload speeds from 1Mbps to 3Mbps.