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To whom it may concern at Vintage 2 Die 4,

Down Right Technology is a locally owned father & son business in Marion Iowa. My name is Zack, and I am the son! I have been helping my father, Paul, market his business for over a decade, even while attending class at Iowa State University. I grew tired of small businesses getting charged exorbitant prices and decided to do things differently, the Down Right way. 

This web page was created as a presentation to show you what I could do for you, for just $50 per month. Paul saw your business and sent it to me and we agreed that someone tried to make a site for you, and that you still need one made.

Thank you for your consideration!

Zackery Lovisa


Recommendations for Vintage to Die For

Changes Needed

Search Engine Optimization

Add keywords

Itemized Inventory

Easier to read fonts

Remove Profanity

Unique to Your Business

Dark Theme

Sense of humor

Unique catchphrase

Black, white, dark red colors

Understanding of the industry’s proximity to death

Who We Are

A Local Father and Son Business

Zackery Lovisa

Marketing and Technology Expert

A website designer with a mission. I grew frustrated hearing about businesses being charged exorbitant amounts—upwards of $200 per month—for websites that took an eternity to go live. That frustration fueled my passion for creating affordable, efficient, and eye-catching websites. My journey began with the desire to challenge the status quo and offer businesses a better solution.


Can we pick a different design for our branding?

Yes! This is just a quick example and almost anything can be customized to your liking. The more involved you are in the design process the more unified your brand will be.

How long does it take?

After the consultation, I will typically develop a draft within a week. After approval, the website will go live. Listing updates will be submitted within 72 hours and update everywhere within a week depending on the changes.

What platform are the websites made on?

The websites are made with WordPress. All of the websites I make are not owned by other platform, which means we have the freedom to move the site without complications.

What exactly am I paying monthly for?

The monthly fee covers three hours of support tasks per month and the monthly costs for the site, including the SSL certificate, hosting, and backups.

How do I update the website or listings?

All you have to do is text, call, or email me with any tasks you need completed and I can take care of it for you! The subscription includes 3 hours of support tasks a month. If you would like to update things yourself, I can also provide you with different ways to do so.

What else can you do for my business?

Other services Down Right Technology offers include graphic design, tech support, TV service, security, and much more!

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